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Meniscus Tear


The knee is composed of four bones and three bone-to-bone joints. These are the patella-femoral joint, tibio-femoral joint and the tibio-fibular joint. Attached to the joint surface of the tibia are two fibro-cartilagenous structures called menisci. The menisci lie between the tibia and femur. There is a medial meniscus on the inner aspect of the knee and a lateral meniscus on the outside aspect of the knee. A meniscus tear typically occurs from a traumatic injury to the knee like getting hit on the outside or inside of the knee. Sometimes this trauma can be associated with medial collateral or cruciate ligament injuries. Sometimes a simple twisting injury or awkward turn can also cause a meniscus tear.


Signs and Symptoms

  • Knee pain.
  • Loss of motion.
  • Knee swelling.
  • Pain with walking and weight bearing.
  • A popping or clicking sound in the knee.


Treatment Options

  • Conservative nonsurgical treatment.
  • Surgical repair.
  • Partial meniscectomy.
  • Injections.
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