Cervical Degenerative Joint Disease

About Cervical Degenerative Joint Disease

A common cause of cervical neck pain, cervical degenerative joint disease occurs when there are degeneration and inflammation of the facet joints.

  • Common causes of facet joint irritation include:
    • Degeneration over time.
    • Backward motions that can create compressions.
    • A sudden fall or trauma.
    • Genetic factors.
    • Repetitive stress injuries.



  • Pain in the neck or pain was spreading to shoulder blade and arm.
  • Pain and tenderness localized at the level of the facet joint that is involved.
  • Muscle spasms and changes in posture in response to the injury.
  • A loss of motion.
  • Loss of normal cervical curvature.



  • Rest.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs and other pain medications.
  • Ice.
  • Apply heat.
  • An especially, designed workout regiment.
  • Steroidal medicines.
  • Facet joint injections.
  • Physical therapy.
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