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Ankle Ligament Damage

About Ankle Ligament Damage

Ankle ligament damage can be caused by traumatic injuries that occur when the foot is planted, falls or missteps, or there is a direct impact to the ankle. When these ligaments become overstretched, they can begin to fray or even tear completely. The severity of a tear can only be determined by a specialist, and one should always consult a doctor to receive an accurate diagnosis.



There are three different grades of ankle ligament damage. They include:

  • Grade I: The ankle ligaments are stretched, causing minor damage and micro-tearing.
  • Grade II: The partial tearing of one of the ligaments in the ankle that causes more laxity in the ankle joint.
  • Grade III: Complete tear of the connective tissue. Individuals will experience a lot of instability in the ankle joint accompanied by swelling.


Treatment Options

  • Rest.
  • Immobilization.
  • Ice.
  • Elevate the leg to reduce inflammation.


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